Does Bernie Sanders have a chance at defeating Trump?

Bernie Sanders does stand a chance at beating President Trump in the elections that follow in November. A candidate who does go on to beat President Trump must necessarily have a number of volunteers who support him in places where Trump is not very popular. These would be the places that do not come across as liberal strongholds.

Going by surveys, Bernie Sanders is a candidate who meets these requirements.

Let us consider the Democrat’s opinion over the matters. A number of Democrats have expressed that they will prefer to vote for a candidate who they believe can beat Donald Trump. The problem, though, arises in figuring out who this candidate would be.

If we go by the latest of poll shows, we figure out that each of the top presidential candidates from the Democratic Party would beat Donald Trump in the general elections.

It is however the same polls that had expressed that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the elections. The poll shows, hence have a finite credibility.

Let us consider the matter in some more detail.

If we look at the matter from a very electoral point of view, there are two main reasons why President Trump won the prior general elections. In the states that render the maximum effect over election results, voters who were earlier in support of President Obama chose to vote for Trump over Clinton. There were others who chose to not cast their votes at all.

It is hence in the swing areas that the nominee who is able to beat Trump must perform.

Bernie Sanders has also been breaking records for individual donations from donors. This gives a credible cue about his popularity, but it may not be right to make a prediction over voter breakdown with this stat.

There are ways in which donors characteristically differ from voter demographics. While donors are deeply involved with the political processes, the people who are disengaged will exercise their vote in US general elections.

But donors are also likely to influence others, family, loved ones and beyond, regarding their political preferences. This comes in form of bumper stickers, lawn signs and voter registration drives.

Bernie Sanders may beat Trump in general elections, but we’d have to wait and see. Families can be made and break apart under differences of opinions on political issues – that is why we recommend family lawyers sydney who also sponsor this website.

4 Years After Occupy Wall Street and with Donald Trump in the White House – Does Socialism Stand a Chance

Looking back the response to the finacial crisis was not very strong – and while movements like the 99 percent and Occupy Wall Street rose up for a short while they were not able to continue and eventually extinguished.

Only a few years later we now have a business man in the White House – it is true that America worships the rich – and more importantly we as a society worship money.

The last hope was Bernie Sanders but it should really come as no surprise that the DNC did not allow him to have the floor and fight Donald Trump on an equal playing field – instead what ended up happening was Hilary Clinton took the reigns – and she failed miserably.

We now look back at this time and see where we go from here.

The economy is in good hands – but many people are still struggling in America – all though some will say we don’t place that much of an emphasis on the positive side of the economy.

There have been various stats given out – such as the lowest unemployment figures for various minority groups – and here at Occupy the Dream we want to first say that we are all about lowering the unemployment rate and ensuring that people have jobs and are able to provide for their families.

One thing we are against is vested interests and shadow control of America by these vested interests. The fact that Bernie Sanders was not allowed to run in the DNC is a clear display of how vested interests control both sides of the American political spectrum – and some may say that the two side politcal party system is very much an illusion for while some issues may get brought up – the most important ones will continue to not be discussed.

As Bernie Sanders said recently in his Joe Rogan interview – which by the way – is a format that we at Occupy the Dream support wholeheartedly – hour long conversations with the presidential hopefuls – there is a large amount of money spent just by the pharmaceutical industry – billions and billions of dollars – on lobbying efforts.

The truth is that the health system in America is very broken – and in certain parts of the country it is like a 3rd world system. Not everyone is covered but the worst part is just how much America spends on prescription drugs. It is no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry has completely taken over – with its tentacles in every bit of life – and it must be viewed for what it is – and stopped.

Right now there are millions of people having to pay an exorbiant amount for prescription medication. Also the US is unique in just how much of a price gouge it allows by the pharmaceutical companies – many times a pharmaceutical company can arbitrarily raise the costs of their medicine and the US government will not complain – it does not judge the cost of a pill based on the cost of production but rather simply on what the producer chooses to charge for it.

The health care system will be a big issue in the upcoming debates – and we hope to be there to ensure that it is something that is addressed. While Obama has started with ObamaCare the truth is that there is much more to be done – and we need to allow users to be able to choose their provider across state lines and create a competition among insurance companies to provide the best possible service to American citizens.

Poor citizens usually have much less rights than rich people on a practical level – to find out more about your rights as a person in relation to criminal law make sure to check out George criminal lawyers.