Does Bernie Sanders have a chance at defeating Trump?

Bernie Sanders does stand a chance at beating President Trump in the elections that follow in November. A candidate who does go on to beat President Trump must necessarily have a number of volunteers who support him in places where Trump is not very popular. These would be the places that do not come across as liberal strongholds.

Going by surveys, Bernie Sanders is a candidate who meets these requirements.

Let us consider the Democrat’s opinion over the matters. A number of Democrats have expressed that they will prefer to vote for a candidate who they believe can beat Donald Trump. The problem, though, arises in figuring out who this candidate would be.

If we go by the latest of poll shows, we figure out that each of the top presidential candidates from the Democratic Party would beat Donald Trump in the general elections.

It is however the same polls that had expressed that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the elections. The poll shows, hence have a finite credibility.

Let us consider the matter in some more detail.

If we look at the matter from a very electoral point of view, there are two main reasons why President Trump won the prior general elections. In the states that render the maximum effect over election results, voters who were earlier in support of President Obama chose to vote for Trump over Clinton. There were others who chose to not cast their votes at all.

It is hence in the swing areas that the nominee who is able to beat Trump must perform.

Bernie Sanders has also been breaking records for individual donations from donors. This gives a credible cue about his popularity, but it may not be right to make a prediction over voter breakdown with this stat.

There are ways in which donors characteristically differ from voter demographics. While donors are deeply involved with the political processes, the people who are disengaged will exercise their vote in US general elections.

But donors are also likely to influence others, family, loved ones and beyond, regarding their political preferences. This comes in form of bumper stickers, lawn signs and voter registration drives.

Bernie Sanders may beat Trump in general elections, but we’d have to wait and see. Families can be made and break apart under differences of opinions on political issues – that is why we recommend family lawyers sydney who also sponsor this website.

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